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Nattergalen på Amager Fælled

Morten Sørensen
13. juni 2017

Ved mørkets frembrud kan nattergalen høres på Amager Fælled. I disse dage sender københavnere...


7. juni 2017

Hvad skal der til fra dig som borger for, at demokratiet kan fungere? Bliv inspireret af andre...

Systemnedbrud - debat under CPH:DOX 2017

3. maj 2017

EVERYDAY omdannede BLUE ROOM til et rum for en åben diskussion om kontanthjælpssystemet. Et panel...

Professor Emeritus

19. april 2017

A mini portrait of Professor Ib Friis and his personal relationship with plants.

The Leaf Blower

19. april 2017

An invasive species landed in Denmark


Freja Ragnhild Lilholt
12. april 2017

A tale of gender, love and intimacy. The first time I met Florance, he was dressed as a man. He...

The People of Christiania: Thorben

12. april 2017

In the wake of the demolition of Pusherstreet, Everyday sheds light on Christiania and its...

We're not boring!

Katrine Muff Enevoldsen & Anders Stig Møller
12. april 2017

Katrine and Anders are musicians and they had to restructure their daily life when having their...

Why aren't we talking about it?

Laura Vilsgaard
12. april 2017

As 24 years old, Laura went through a postpartum depression. After receiving support from her...

Sleeping Vera

Rolf Sparre Johansson
12. april 2017

It is not easy to become a father. This Rolf Sparre Johansson admits with his poetry-collection...

Whining is Revolution

Hanne Korvik
12. april 2017

A year after giving birth to her daughter, Hanne wrote an article in Politiken reclaiming her...

I just wanted a simple and easy birth

Malika Pattey
12. april 2017

Malika went through pre-eclampsia and was induced two weeks early at the National State Hospital....