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Tim Pool

Technologies Changing Our Stories
18:51 / 2. december 2015
Tim Pool is Director of Media Innovation at Fusion and co-founder of Taggly. He is acknowledged for using cutting-edge reporting technologies and his marathon live-stream reporting. At Fusion, Tim helps developing and utilizing new technology such as mobile software and hardware, livestreaming aerial drones and Google Glass. Tim’s former work for VICE Media has taken him to places like Istanbul, Sao Paulo and Cairo, covering conflicts and major events. His work has been featured in a number of International media outlets, among those NBC, Fastcompany, Reuters, The Guardian, Al Jazeera English and The New York Times.

This talk was recorded during CPH:CONFERENCE - Art, Technology & Change on November 10, 2015.

The conference is a part of CPH:DOX - Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival. To read more, please visit: http://cphdox.dk/mere-end-film/cphconference/