A historical bicycle parade from Christiania to...

Frank W
23. marts 2017

Christiania came by Charlottenborg during CPH:DOX 2017 for a day of market, music and more.

VR:LAB by Makropol and CPH:DOX

Signe Ungermand
8. december 2015

VR:LAB is an exploration of virtual reality (VR) as a medium and means of expression. It’s a...

Female Voices From Cairo

Nora Younis & Hala Galal
2. december 2015

In conversation: Nora Younis (Managing Editor at Al-Masry Al-Youm Daily Independent) and Hala...

The Role of RYOT: Virtual Reality and Activation

Bryn Mooser
7. december 2015

Bryn Mooser is the co-founder of the news website RYOT and an award-winning filmmaker. Bryn’s...