Arriving in Denmark

Czechowicz 2018, Democrat for New Jersey
31. januar 2018

#everyone. A video detailing my arrival in Aarhus via Malmö and Copenhagen. By the way, in case...

The Crow Comes Last

Mohamed Amazigh Labidi
17. april 2017

This film is about my perception of a journey within CPH:DOX 2017. I described my thoughts and my...

Hi! :) From the Other Side - August to September

Christopher Michael Czechowicz
6. januar 2017

Recent information about refugees is shared, and Chris details a bit of why he has started this...

My life as a Poledance Champion

Melina Boukouvala
28. maj 2015

My name is Melina and I come from Greece. I would like to share my story with you about how I...