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Christopher Michael Czechowicz

S E A/1:cyclothymia/josefin(yllneverknow)
03:00 / 6. marts 2017
personnel and collaborators:

S E A is:

Christopher Michael Czechowicz (programming, vocals, guitar)

Gautam Jain (guitar, cries of youth, josefin interlude)

Florian Jean Albiez (drum samples, cries of youth, josefin (yll never know)

Tanja Björk (vocals, spoken word)

Olöf Rún (vocals, josefin yll never know)

josefin (yll never know)

josefin said she saw the most in me, apparently

and it's something that you know that your eyes can't see

don't change, she said, or rather she demands of me

"well I'll try my best." "I hope." she said, "please do it for me."

though I won't stay with you

it ain't all, that's true,

you're one of the few things I chose to stand by and feel

through and through