Inspirational talks

Inspirerende historier og tanker.

The "Fuck You" Filmmaker

Christopher Michael Czechowicz
8. februar 2017

Self-explanatory. I love Werner Herzog. Thank you for everything.

Feras Fayyad: Storytelling from a closed country

Feras Fayyad
2. december 2015

Den syriske filminstruktør Feras Fayyad præsenterer sit nye dokumentarfilmprojekt fra Syrien og...

VR:LAB by Makropol and CPH:DOX

Signe Ungermand
8. december 2015

VR:LAB is an exploration of virtual reality (VR) as a medium and means of expression. It’s a...

Video: Between Documentary and Journalism

Joe Posner, Charlotte Cook, Nagieb Khaja & Nikolai Thyssen
10. december 2015

A panel discussion on the power of documenting the world through a camera. We have invited three...

Movies Don’t Change The World, Movements Do

Alex Kelly
2. december 2015

Alex Kelly is an award-winning filmmaker and the impact producer on Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein’s...

Om instruktion i dokumentarfilm

Christian Sønderby Jepsen
10. november 2015

Everyday har i denne Inspirational Talk spurgt dokumentarfilminstruktør Christian Sønderby Jepsen...

Motley's Law - Interview with Nicole Horanyi

11. oktober 2015

Kimberly Motley is the only foreign woman who works in the Afghan justice system. While her...

What He Did - Interview with Jonas Poher Rasmussen

6. oktober 2015

How do you live with having done something unforgivable - something you cannot even forgive...

Looking for Exits - Interview with Kristoffer...

6. oktober 2015

’Looking for Exits’ is a film about the American wingsuit basejumper Ellen Brennan - the fastest...

HUGLAND - Interview med Andreas Haaning...

6. oktober 2015

Interview med instruktøren af dokumentarfilmen HUGLAND. HUGLAND er med helt inde i maskinrummet...

Flotel Europa - Interview with Vladimir Tomic

6. oktober 2015

Interview with Vladimir Tomic, director of the film ‘Flotel Europa’, which was screened at...

Cool Cats - Interview with Janus Køster-Rasmussen

6. oktober 2015

Interview with Janus Køster, director of Cool Cats, which premieres at CPH:DOX 2015. 'Cool Cats'...