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Julie Høj Thomsen
13. marts 2017

Ali came to Denmark in 2011 seeking asylum. After 2 1/2 years, his request was denied and since...

From Damaskus to Danmark

Ida Lærke Bechtle, Stine Lindharth Pedersen & Cathrine Saltbæk Tverskov
17. september 2015

Lilas Hatahet is a journalist and a TV host in Damaskus. In 2012 she has to flee after having...

Denmark's refugee activist Bwalya

Bwalya Sørensen
12. april 2017

Bwalya Sørensen is a refugee activist working through Black Lives Matter Denmark and on the...

EASY: The World's First Fuckumentary

Theo Bat Schandorff
15. maj 2016

Kim is a spiritual man trying to become a dj. The society failed to help, so Kim smokes his way...

I'm sick, goddamn it!

Martha Flores
5. august 2016

Annette Nielsen is chronically sick and now she has had enough. Together with Kim Madsen, she has...

Miss Mia

Eli, Daniel, Sabrine & Stefan
19. november 2015

Mia is a real pinup girl living her dream.

From Cradle to Grave

Sandra Illa & Nina Houkjær
18. februar 2017

Why are people drawn to pilgrimage? What is it that we experience on personal and even spiritual...

Homeless in Copenhagen - portrait of Hans

Albert Ravn
25. september 2015

How does it feel to be homeless and to be ignored by other people in the city? And what are your...

The People of Christiania: Olga

12. april 2017

In the wake of the demolition of Pusherstreet, Everyday sheds light on Christiania and its...

When parenthood does not make you happy

Anne Bøtcher Jacobsen
12. april 2017

This is the story about a mother experiencing parenthood as frightening and uncontrollable, and...

Why aren't we talking about it?

Laura Vilsgaard
12. april 2017

As 24 years old, Laura went through a postpartum depression. After receiving support from her...


Freja Ragnhild Lilholt
12. april 2017

A tale of gender, love and intimacy. The first time I met Florance, he was dressed as a man. He...