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Czechowicz 2018, Democrat for New Jersey

Cracking down on tax havens: what Denmark and the U.S. can do.
44:52 / 30. januar 2018
#everyone. #Enhedslisten. Tax havens can be ruinous to our public services. Whether you're a progressive or conservative, the fact remains that if certain people don't pay into a tax base, the rest of the population oftentimes must make up the difference in the form of unnecessary, increased taxation. The U.S. and E.U. have huge roles to play in both perpetuating and policing tax havens, so to learn more about what can be done to crack down on global tax evasion, I've started speaking to economists and economic policymakers. In this first video, I've spoken to Jonas Gielfeldt, tax and business advisor in the Danish Parliament from Enhedslisten, the political party, the Danish Red-Green Alliance. Enhedlisten is a democratic socialist party, and though I am not a democratic socialist, I believe that Jonas' views needed to be heard. As it follows, I'm willing to speak to people from across the ideological spectrum on this issue, as it effects us all. Transcript and addition information below. Link to transcript (ENG): http://bit.ly/2DNQDQP