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Everyday is a new video platform developed by CPH:DOX, with videos created by the users themselves.

Everyday invites everyone to join the open and digital editorial office. The users’ own perspectives secures alternative and personal views on society, making Everyday a new public voice challenging traditional media platforms. With your smartphone in your hand and your opinions and stories in focus, Everyday gives you the opportunity to evolve your skills as a video storyteller and make your stories part of our common reality.

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Do you have a story, you want to tell? An opinion you need to share with the rest of us? Or do you just want to join our open editorial office? Then don’t hold back! Get in touch and become part of Everyday. Share your opinions, your world and your everyday life, and make your own stories come alive - to be an active part of our common views on reality.

Chief editor: Frank Piasecki Poulsen (2619 3656 / frank@cphdox.dk)
Project manager: Lotte Krag (2190 2334 / lotte@cphdox.dk)

Arriving in Denmark

31. januar 2018

#everyone. A video detailing my arrival in Aarhus via Malmö and Copenhagen. By the way, in case you are wondering why I mention luggage carts at the beginning of the film, it's because it costs at...

Cracking down on tax havens: what Denmark and the U.S. can do.

30. januar 2018

#everyone. #Enhedslisten. Tax havens can be ruinous to our public services. Whether you're a progressive or conservative, the fact remains that if certain people don't pay into a tax base, the rest...

Help me show Americans that Denmark works!

24. januar 2018

Click here to help my campaign: facebook.com/cmczechowicz2018

Costs of college textbooks between Denmark and the USA

16. januar 2018

How is it that Danes spend so much less on their textbooks compared to Americans? How is it that they get a better deal on American textbooks? I'm Chris and I'm running for U.S. Congress. I'm also...

Tusinder danner folkering om Amager Fælled

7. juni 2017

Reportage fra demonstration imod bebyggelse på Amager Fælled. De københavnske politikere må være opmærksom på at mere end 5000 borgere dukkede op til menneskering for at sende et klart signal om...

Professor Emeritus

19. april 2017

A mini portrait of Professor Ib Friis and his personal relationship with plants.

The Leaf Blower

19. april 2017

An invasive species landed in Denmark

When the reforms become personal

26. oktober 2016

A personal and philosophical reflection about the welfare benefit system.