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Arriving in Denmark

Czechowicz 2018, Democrat for New Jersey
31. januar 2018

#everyone. A video detailing my arrival in Aarhus via Malmö and Copenhagen. By the way, in case...

Tusinder danner folkering om Amager Fælled

Klaus Heinecke (Amager Fælleds Venner)
7. juni 2017

Reportage fra demonstration imod bebyggelse på Amager Fælled. De københavnske politikere må være...

Professor Emeritus

19. april 2017

A mini portrait of Professor Ib Friis and his personal relationship with plants.

The Leaf Blower

19. april 2017

An invasive species landed in Denmark

When the reforms become personal

Freja Ragnhild Lilholt
26. oktober 2016

A personal and philosophical reflection about the welfare benefit system.

The People of Christiania: Thorben

12. april 2017

In the wake of the demolition of Pusherstreet, Everyday sheds light on Christiania and its...

Whining is Revolution

Hanne Korvik
12. april 2017

A year after giving birth to her daughter, Hanne wrote an article in Politiken reclaiming her...


Oda Meyer Jørgensen & Maya Ndiaye
22. juni 2016

Eddie is a Ghanaian resident in Denmark. He has two Masters degrees, but is unable to find a job...

Cheap meat or beautiful orchids?

Kjeld Hansen
9. juni 2016

The ammonia-rain from 30 million pigs threaten to destroy the Danish orchids. When manure rain...


Julie Høj Thomsen
13. marts 2017

Ali came to Denmark in 2011 seeking asylum. After 2 1/2 years, his request was denied and since...

From Damaskus to Danmark

Ida Lærke Bechtle, Stine Lindharth Pedersen & Cathrine Saltbæk Tverskov
17. september 2015

Lilas Hatahet is a journalist and a TV host in Damaskus. In 2012 she has to flee after having...

Denmark's refugee activist Bwalya

Bwalya Sørensen
12. april 2017

Bwalya Sørensen is a refugee activist working through Black Lives Matter Denmark and on the...