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Ebba Wester

CPH:DOX 2015 Talks Highlight Reel : The Current State of Media
04:13 / 7. marts 2017
How are new technologies, independent distribution and the democratisation of tools shifting the media landscape as we know it? Watch some highlights from CPH:DOX 2015's talks to hear about adapting to a post-internet media world, and the exciting potential in the breaking out of traditional hierarchies and set formats.

To watch the full videos see :

Movies Don't Change the World, Movements Do - Alex Kelly : https://www.everydayproject.dk/movies-dont-change-the-world-movements-do

Video: Between Documentary and Journalism - Joe Posner, Charlotte Cook, Nagieb Khaja & Nikolai Thyssen : https://www.everydayproject.dk/video-between-documentary-and-journalism

The Need, Potential and Challenge of a Grass Root Newswire - Austen Allred : https://www.everydayproject.dk/the-need-potential-and-challenge-of-a-grass-root